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"I dislike the thought that some animal has been made miserable to feed me. If I am going to eat meat, I want it to be from an animal that has lived a pleasant, uncrowded life outdoors, on bountiful pasture, with good water nearby and trees for shade.”

― Wendell Berry, What Are People For?

Sutter Meats prides itself on the skill of our butchers. We follow the European method of seam butchery and you will find cuts in our cases that are unavailable almost anywhere else in the country. Our display cases are organized by cooking method, so if you see something like "Bavette" and wonder, "what the heck is that, and how do I cook it?"just find the familiar cut next to it, and you'll know what to do. Of course, we welcome all questions and are more than happy to share our favorite recipes.

Prices Listed by the Pound



Bone In Ribeye Steak- $22.99
Boneless Ribeye (Delmonico)- $26.99
Chuck Eye Steak- $11.99
Skirt Steak- $13.99
Hanger Steak- $18.99
Flatiron- $16.99
Denver Steak- $14.99
Ranch Steak- $13.99
Chicken Steak- $14.99
Sierra Cut- $12.99
NY Strip Steak- $21.99
Boneless NY Strip Steak- $25.99
T-Bone Steak- $25.25
Porterhouse- $26.50
Filet Mignon- $30.99
Flank Steak- $13.99
Bavette- $14.99
Top Sirloin- $14.99
Sirloin Filet- $19.99
Sirloin Culotte- $16.99
Newport Steak (Steak Tips)- $14.99
London Broil- $13.99
Spider Steak- $15.99
Merlot Steak- $13.99
Blade Steak- $14.99


Petite Tender- $18.99
Chuck Eye Roast- $9.99
Scotch Tender- $9.99
Flanken Ribs- $11.99
Rib Roast- $23.99
Beef Tenderloin- $29.99
Chateaubriand- $29.99
Beef Sirloin Roast- $14.99
Tri Tip- $14.99
Sirloin Tip Side- $13.99
Sirloin Tip Center $14.99
Top Round Roast- $13.99
Eye Round- $13.99
Bottom Round Roast- $12.99
Round Cap- $13.99
Round Tender Roast- $15.99

Braises & Stews

Brisket- $10.99
Beef Short Ribs- $10.99
Beef Stew Meat- $10.99
Beef Country-Style Ribs- $10.99
Beef Shin- $9.99
Beef Navel- $10.99
Braison- $12.99
Heel- $12.99
Osso Bucco- $9.99
Beef Shank- $9.99


Oxtail- $8.99
Beef Sweetbreads- $19.99
Marrow Bones- $7.99
Knuckle and Neck Bones- $2.99
Beef Liver- $7.99
Beef Heart- $7.99
Beef Tongue- $7.99
Beef Kidneys- $7.99
Beef Tallow- $3.99


In the Skillet

Pork Chops Bone-In- $13.99
Pork Chops Boneless- $15.99
Pork Tenderloin- $17.99
Pork Sirloin Steaks- $13.99
Pork Scallopini- $16.99
Pork Country Style Ribs- $11.99
Pork Secreto- $12.99


Pork Loin Roast Bone-In- $13.99
Pork Loin Roast Boneless- $15.99
Pork Sirloin Roast- $12.99
Pork Top Round Roast- $9.99
Fresh Ham Bone-In- $8.99
Fresh Ham Boneless- $10.99
Pork Rib Roast- $13.99
Pork Butt (Shoulder) Bone-In- $9.99
Pork Butt (Shoulder) Boneless- $11.99

Braising & Smoking

Spare Ribs- $5.99
Pork Stew- $10.99
Ham Hock- $7.99
Fresh Pork Belly- $10.99


Pigs Feet- $2.99
Pork Jowl- $8.99
Pork Cheek- $10.99
Pigs Head- $6.99
Lard- $5.99
Leaf Lard- $6.99


In the Skillet

Lamb Loin Chops- $19.99
Lamb Rib Chops- $19.99
Lamb Roundbone Chops- $15.99
Lamb Country Style Ribs- $15.99
Lamb Sirloin Steak- $15.99
Lamb Cutlet- $18.99


Lamb Shoulder Roast Bone-In- $14.99
Lamb Boneless Shoulder Roast- $16.99
Lamb Sirloin Roast- $15.99
Butterflied Leg of Lamb- $19.99
Leg of Lamb Bone-In- $15.99
Leg of Lamb Boneless- $19.99
Rack of Lamb- $21.99
Lamb Loin Roast- $29.99

Braising & Stew

Lamb Stew- $15.99
Lamb Neck Bone-In- $9.99
Lamb Neck Boneless- $13.99
Lamb Shanks- $13.99
Cross Cut Lamb Shanks- $13.99
Lamb Belly Lamb Spare Ribs- $5.99


Lamb Head- $7.99
Lamb Liver- $9.99
Lamb Heart- $9.99
Lamb Tongue- $9.99
Lamb Kidney- $9.99

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