Tuesday, December 9, 2014


January 24  TWO DEMONSTRATION CLASSES AND DINNER  Saturday, Noon  $250.
Sutter Meats and Good Stock Farm team up for a full day of butchery and cooking.  Join us for this unique opportunity to witness and learn how to transform fresh local product into restaurant-quality dishes. Watch and learn the behind-the-scene techniques of Terry Ragasa while he butchers a farm-raised pig at Sutter Meats in Northampton.  You’ve seen these cuts in his cases, but what to do with them?  Next stop is Good Stock Farm in Hatfield where Chef Sandy D’Amato transforms these gems into delicious dishes using a variety of cooking techniques. We sit down at the Good Stock family table to enjoy a feast by the fireplace and have a new appreciation for the journey taken by the food to our plates.  After the exciting day of watching two craftsmen at work, we say good night with a packet of the day’s recipes along with a package of fresh meat from Sutter to work with and cook at home.

Braised Pork Gulyas Soup with Caraway Spaetzle
Grilled Asian Pork Skewer Salad with Cremini Mushrooms, Spicy Peanut Sauce
Rolled and Roasted Porchetta-Style Shoulder Focaccia Sliders
Baked Bistro-Style Pork Cabbage Rolls
Cold Mapleline Farm Milk and Warm Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

The cost for this full day of all things “pig” is $250. and includes two demonstration classes plus a festive dinner with wine and beverages. Transportation between the venues is not included.  There is free parking in the lot behind Sutter Meats and in the driveway at Good Stock Farm.
·        Noon to 2pm:  Sutter Meats Demonstration (65 King Street in Northampton, 413.727.3409)
·        2:30 to 5:00Good Stock Farm Demonstration (154 Main Street in Hatfield, 413.247.6090)
·        5:30Good Stock Farm Dinner

Please contact Good Stock Farm for reservations—space is limited.  We hope to see you there!
·        GOOD STOCK FARM  413.247.6090

Thursday, July 3, 2014


The Huffington Post recently interviewed Terry for a story on the Merlot Steak, a tremendously flavorful, yet overlooked cut from the Beef Round. If you like Flank Steak, you'll love the Merlot! Read the full story here

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We are Honored by Our Feature in The Boston Globe.

Thank you to the Boston Globe for the well written feature. So much hard work has gone into starting our business and we're always humbled and appreciative when people show excitement for what we're doing.
Susan and Terry in the Boston Globe

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sutter Meats and Austin Brothers Valley Farm on WGBY's Connecting Point

We are happy to be included in the January 30th installment of Connecting Point on WGBY with our friend and beef farmer Mike Austin of Austin Brothers Valley Farm in Belchertown, MA. Phil Korman, Executive Director of CISA, put together the production, and we think Terry looks quite handsome in his Television debut!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Open for Business!

So Happy to Finally be Open!

After months of hard work, the real work begins now. We're filling our cases with delicious local grass-fed beef, pork and lamb. Our house made sausage will be available on Wednesday and the aroma of fresh rotisserie chicken will fill the shop starting Thursday. You can also expect house made bacon and pastrami by the weekend. Hope to see you all soon!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year, Happy MEAT

We hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you a happy new year. Our walk in cooler has been cleared by the Health Department, so we finally have MEAT in the house! Many of you have been in touch with questions about what we plan to offer in our shop. Well, we're proud to have some fantastic grass fed beef both from our friends at Austin Brothers Farm in Belchertown as well as from Elmartin in Cheshire. By the time we open, which now looks like the week of January 13th, we will have perfectly aged steaks (both familiar like Ribeye and relatively unfamiliar like Denver Steak and Sirloin Culotte), house made roast beef and pastrami, roasts like your grandmother used to make and our special blend of mouth watering ground beef.  Our pastured pork is from Gray Dog's Farm in Huntington, and from these lovely hogs we'll be cutting juicy pork chops and hams as well as our favorite sausages and house smoked bacon. If you like lamb, you'll love the young mutton we have from Little Brook Farm in Sunderland. Flavorful and tender, we'll stock our cases with boneless and stuffed legs, chops, and some spicy and delicious merguez sausage. All this as well as stocks, rendered cooking fats and more will be on offer when we open our doors.
As you can see, our humanely raised meat comes directly from farms in the Pioneer Valley and surrounding area and hasn't been shipped in a box from the Midwest or Canada. We're proud to be the Valley's only nose to tail butcher shop and even more proud that every dollar of our cost of goods budget goes to local family farms. These farms are our friends and neighbors, and your gracious support of Sutter Meats will help these family run businesses thrive. Thank you again. We'll be in touch soon with hours of operation and our grand opening date!

Stay Posted for our Opening Date

The shop is almost complete and we're itching to start cutting. We've received a ton of local interest this week. As many of you know, a tremendous article was written about us in the Republican and Mass Live. We're honored to receive the press, but unfortunately they got our opening date wrong. On the bright side, the exposure brought great attention to our project and a HUGE outpouring of support from the community. We look forward to opening our doors in a matter of days. We'll be sure to keep you posted!